Program of Events for Monday, August 21


6 am
Gates Open

7 am
Astronomer Talk – Dr. Jeffrey Hall
Topic: What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Eclipse
Circumstances of eclipses, what we see when one happens, what we learn about the Sun (and other stars) from eclipses (30 min).

8 am
Astronomer Talk – Dr. Larry Wasserman
Topic: Things that go bump in the night- The Science of Eclipses, Transits and Occultations
Eclipses, transits and occultations are all similar in that they all occur when two objects in the sky appear to come close to one another. Dr. Wasserman will discuss the differences between these types of events and what we can learn from them (30 min).

9 am
Cosmic Cart with Education Coordinator Kelly Ferguson
A half hour presentation of amazing science demonstrations geared to entertain kids and families.

9:06 am
Eclipse Starts, Moon Starts Covering the Sun

10:19:34 am
Totality Begins

10:21:36 am
Totality Ends (2 Minutes 2 Seconds Total Eclipse)

11 am
Astronomer Talk – Dr. Deidre Hunter
Topic: Tiny Galaxies and Baby Stars
Dwarf irregular galaxies are the tiniest galaxies in the universe. Yet, they pose a problem by doing what people say they shouldn’t be able to do: make new stars (30 min).

11:41:03 am
Moon Moves off Sun; Eclipse Ends

12 pm
Astronomer Talk – Dr. Phil Massey
Topic: The Biggest Stars: the Cosmic Engines of the Universe
Stars like Rigel and Betelgeuse are much more massive (“heavier”) than stars like the sun, and very rare, but act as the Cosmic Engines of the Universe. We’ll explain how a large part of you was produced in the cores of such stars (30 min).

1 pm
Astronomer Talk – Dr. Michael West
Topic: Guided by the Night: Do Animals See the Stars?
Humans aren’t the only animals that look to the heavens. Some animals use the stars to guide their migrations. Others use them to find food. And some animals can’t see them at all (30 min).

2 pm
Astronomer Talk – Dr. Gerard van Belle
Topic: The Pluto Vote: One Astronomers Personal Story
A recollection of a series of events – cataclysmic, coincidental, and occasionally humorous – that conspired to throw some shade on everyone’s favorite world, Pluto. The implications of the “demotion” vote will be examined in a light-hearted way (30 min).

4 pm
End of Event

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